I graduated Illinois State University with my degree in Visual Communications. Immediately I got my first job in my field in 1990. I had been well prepared for a graphics position however my deeper learning started with hands on experience and sign design education. Print is one type of media and signage was a whole new world for me. I loved combining both, so here I am 24 years later and still passionate about what I do.

The next step seemed logical. I wanted to branch out on my own and create the same level of quality design that local design firm and signage companies were offering but at a cheaper price. Most large companies charge a very high hourly rate for design time and drawings. I can usually compete with their prices so you get a quality design that is production ready.

I work with many printers and fabricators so I can take these files from start to finish if you do not want to go through the hassle of finding a reputable company to produce your graphics. Or I can set up everything you need to take the files and artwork to your own printers or fabricators.

Remember they have someone just like me behind the scenes creating the same drawings but charging a much higher rate. Let see how my company can help you achieve your goals.

Ready . . . Aim . . . Profit!